Beef soya is the ultimate street food in Cameroon and most of the West African countries like Nigeria and Ghana. This is naturally spicy beef traditionally chargrilled and sold on street corners. As a child, this was a prescribed remedy for bad days; if my siblings or I were having a bad day, my dad would make us believe a stick of beef soya will make us feel better and surprisingly it did most of the times. Ha, the things parents make kids feel. I hail from an area in Cameroon known for its unique, tasty beef soya; Tatum. You can’t drive through Tatum village and not have the memories of the beef soya linger with you.  The secret

to having the best suya is getting the marinade for the meat right. The combination of the ingredients in this recipe has gone through some tweaking to get the perfect combo closest to what we had back home. Traditionally one of the key ingredients used to make soya was soya beans powder, the reason why it goes by the appellation soya. I substitute soya beans with roasted peanuts in this video. If you are a beef lover like me, this suya is the perfect comfort food, not joking. Just talking about it makes me feel good already.

Okay enough of all the talking, let’s make some:

I am using bamboo skewers in this recipe. Soak the skewers in cold water for at least an hour to prevent them from burning during the grilling process.



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Spicy Skewered African beef soya
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