This one pot meal poulet DG is just the perfect combo for chicken and plantain lovers. Yes, you must have read on the blog when I first published the recipe that it used to be a meal for bosses. I guess it is still so in some parts of Cameroon. I mean who could afford to feed the whole family with a meal as expensive as poulet DG on a regular basis? With our large families, this delicacy was a served only on very special occasions.

You never go wrong with fried ripe plantains, so this meal is a combination of fried plantains, chicken, tomatoes and lots of flavors. You should begin with seasoning the chicken, then proceed to fry the plantains. But you must do this one thing while cooking

Make sure to grab one of those nicely fried plantains and thrust into your mouth.

Who can fry ripe plantains without tasting some? Nope, not me (You will see the confirmation in my video). Honestly, I can’t wait to get done with the frying process before tasting the plantains. I am truly a plantainholic! I don’t know a better word to describe my love for plantains. You should try some if you have never had them before

I am yet to see one person just one who doesn’t love Poulet DG! It is so easy to put together and super delicious.

Watch me Make some in this video: Please remember to subscribe to my channel at the end of the video.

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Poulet DG; one of Cameroon's finest delicacy of stewed plantains and chicken.
Course Main Dish