I got inspired by one of my customers to come up with this hand veggie pie recipe. I have come across a few vegetarians in my life but never thought of making pies without fish or meat. (Ah West Africans love animal protein:-)

I know many love my crispy fish pies, so I was a bit skeptical how a pie will taste without any fish nor meat. Okay, guys can I be real with you?

This is the best veggie pie ever! Not kidding! From the day I delivered these pies to my customer, this goodie swiftly displaced some of my favorite snacks! It is the new favorite. I have made them a couple of times, you won’t notice the absence of meat or fish. Even if you succeed to notice, you won’t miss them in this recipe.

This veggie pie is buttery and super crispy bursting with lots of flavors and crunchy vegetables.

Had to include this picture of the vegetables used in this recipe: I just love the way the veggies look:

You see how colorful they are?

That should give you an idea of how tasty these veggie pies are. Contrary to the regular vegetable pies served in a dish, these are hand pies which make it easy to grab on the go. That said, you can add this to your list of go to picnic snacks.

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Two tips to help you take your pie crust to another level:

One of the questions I have received from some people is how to make fish pie or meat pies crispy.

-In order to have a crispy crust, do not over work the dough. The dough should be treated with some loving kindness, you kind of pamper the dough.

-Allow dough to rest for at least 15 minutes in a refrigerator.

-If you have an elastic dough, then you will end up with a bread-like crust.

-Use a generous amount of butter, it makes a whole difference!



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Crispy veggie pie bursting with lots of flavors, filled with a variety of vegetables. Simply Yum!
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