I call this salad Cameroonian fruit salad for two simple reasons:
First of all, because the fruits involved are widely grown in Cameroon.
And secondly, because it is fruit salad, the way I have always known it. That said,

Do not shy away from enjoying this bowl of goodness even if you are not Cameroonian. I am sure these fruits are pretty available in every nation of the world.
I am going with four fruits in this recipe but do not feel limited by these. You can throw in other tropical fruits of choice.
Somebody say enjoyment! Make this for a party and see how appreciative your guest will be. I made some for a get together last weekend and the fruit salad disappeared before some guest arrived. It is super good and so refreshing.
I often say the beautiful things in life are usually so simple and easy. This is a basic no fuss fruit salad that even your little 6 year old can make! No added sugars, the natural sweetness makes it all the more appealing.

Meet the fruits involved:

This fruit salad comes together in very few simple steps:
Wash fruits
peel and cut into desirable shapes
Toss together
Refrigerate and serve!

Another refreshing way to consume watermelon can be seen in this post. You can equally make some pineapple juice as well following this recipe. 
Let’s make the perfect Cameroonian fruit salad

Cameroonian fruit salad

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THE PERFECT CAMEROONIAN SALAD RECIPE BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
The perfect bowl of Cameroonian fruit salad. A combination of watermelon, pineapple, mango and orange. Fruity heaven!