Can we just have some watermelon and orange juice? Hey, people, I am still here! I can’t believe it’s been more than three weeks I lastly posted in this space. Anyway, life happens when we are busy making other plans right? Summer means celebration time, I have been occupied with catering for some events, huh I love delivering fresh goodies from my kitchen to people. The joy of satisfied customers oh it is just unexplainable.  So I have been super busy from one event to another! There is so much fulfillment in feeding people ha.  This is

about watermelon and orange juice. Guys we have to beat this heat! No no the sun can not smite us, that’s why I am sharing this refreshing juice recipe with you all. Who’s gonna join me in consuming some fresh watermelon and orange juice? It is cooling, sweet and healthy, when garnished with some mint leaves hmmm yum!

You probably noticed I have been preparing for these warm days! Who goes into battle without preparation? I got my juices going on. Need I remind you of the delicious goodies you could be drinking? Okay no worries, have you considered Pineapple juice? or Folere/hibiscus juice? or better still grapefruit juice.

Well well, let me add to the repertoire a combo of watermelon and orange. A beloved member of my household says this is his best homemade juice so far! Well, he says that about every other juice I make hahaha, so it is hard to choose though.

Let’s make some watermelon and orange juice.

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WATERMELON/ORANGE JUICE: HEALTHY AND REFRESHING BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
A healthy combo of watermelon and orange juice
Prep Time 10 mins